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Dr. Bernd Freytag

Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University
Regementsvägen 1
Box 516
SE-75120 Uppsala
Room:   95106
Phone: +46-18-471-5992
Fax:      +46-18-471-5999
Email:  Bernd.Freytag--at--physics.uu.se
WWW: http://www.astro.uu.se/~bf/

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[Image: Model of a Red Supergiant]

Research interest

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You can find some of my movies of star similar to Betelgeuse,
publications (including some talks with movies),
lecture notes: (hydrodynamics 2004, HTML), (hydrodynamics 2010, PDF), (hydrodynamics 2015, PDF), (radiative transfer: Nikolai Piskunov),
some recent movies of a simulated AGB star,
some older MPEG movies, some very old MPEG movies,
and the CO5BOLD User Manual, here.

Link to the info page of the "Stellar Winds" group at Uppsala University
or the homepage of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Uppsala University.