Martin SahlénDocent in Astronomy,
Researcher in astrophysics and cosmology

Division of Astronomy & Space Physics, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Uppsala University

Swedish Lunar Astronomy Network

Astronomical observatories on the surface of or orbiting the Moon can offer sensitivity and resolution impossible to achieve in any other location in the Solar system. Particularly interesting are low-frequency radio telescopes, as well as ultraviolet and infrared telescopes. With the return to and colonisation of the Moon, large-scale astronomical facilities on the far side of the Moon may finally become a reality.

Swedish research and industry have many unique competences and capabilities that can help make lunar astronomy the next great leap in our understanding of the Universe. The Swedish Lunar Astronomy Network aims to gather all those interested in pursuing Swedish scientific and industry contributions to such missions.

For more information, contact: Martin Sahlén,, 018-4715970