Martin SahlénDocent in Astronomy,
Researcher in astrophysics and cosmology

Division of Astronomy & Space Physics, Department of Physics & Astronomy, Uppsala University

Machine Learning and Data Science

Astronomy, astrophysics and cosmology are evolving into highly data-driven fields with the advent of increasingly large and precise observational surveys, and increasingly computationally complex theoretical modeling and analysis frameworks. This offers many new challenges and opportunities, which can be successfully addressed using artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) methods, e.g.,
i)               Classification and anomaly detection of survey data,
ii)              Computation of model predictions for observables,
iii)             Inference for complex models and/or data,
iv)             Handling, processing, analysis of very large and/or high-velocity data,
v)              Investigation of the informational contents of data sets.

Current Research Projects

Astronomical object classification and anomaly detection with complex spectroscopic 4MOST data sets

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