Synth3 spectrum synthesis code

synth3.pdf Synth3 manual
examples.tar.gz examples of input and output files
synth3.Linux Synth3 executable for Linux
synth3.Darwin Synth3 executable for Intel Mac
s3div.Linux s3div executable for Linux
s3div.Darwin s3div executable for Intel Mac IDL source file of disk integration program
kurkol.Linux kurkol executable for Linux
kurkol.Darwin kurkol executable for Intel Mac

Basic syntax: type in terminal window
synth3.<version> <input_file> <output_file>

The output file will contain intensities at 7 limb angles. To combine them into a stellar flux spectrum and apply rotational/macrotubulent/instrumental broadening use s3div program or its IDL equivalent

The program kurkol is needed for conversion of model atmosphere files from standard ATLAS9 format to the "krz" format used by my spectrum synthesis codes.

See Synth3 user manual for further details.