Astronomdagar 2005 i Uppsala

October 21 - 22, 2005

About Astronomdagar
Uppsala Observatory
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About Astronomdagar

A brief description

The main purpose of Astronomdagar ("Astronomers' Days") is to create a forum for young people from different institutes to gather and establish contacts in a friendly, hospitable atmosphere.
Other important aims of Astronomdagar are to inform one another about active areas of research and new developments across the institutional or subject borders, and to stimulate discussion among the whole national community on the ways for Swedish astronomy to flourish in the new century and strengthen its international standing.

The Swedish Astronomical Society has an agenda that aims in particular to foster the understanding of and interest for astronomical research in the broader community. Thus an additional aim is to offer an opportunity for a larger audience, i.e. the general membership of the Society (typically, educated and knowledgeable people though not professionally trained as astronomers), to be updated on the status of Swedish astronomy. The meeting will be announced to the press in the hope of increasing the awareness in our media of all the interesting and exciting science we are producing.

Past Astronomdagar editions

  • Lund, October 3-4, 2003
  • Göteborg, November 16-17, 2001
  • Stockholm, October 15-16, 1999