Astronomdagar 2005 i Uppsala

October 21 - 22, 2005

About Astronomdagar
Uppsala Observatory
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Program of `Astronomdagar 2005'

Friday (Oct. 21):

 9:00-- 9:30 Welcome
Including short presentations:
  • National Committee for Astronomy (its chair-person)
  • Populär Astronomi (Björn Stenholm)
  • Invitation to Kiruna (Martin Bohm)
Hans Rickman

Session A - Chair: Dan Kiselman

 9:30-10:00   Amateur contributions to astronomical research Johan Warell (invited)
10:00-10:15   New observatory in central Umeå: visions and goals. Gabriella Stenberg
10:15-10:30   Astronomical Quantum Optics with Extremely Large Telescopes Dainis Dravins
10:30-11:00   Coffee Break

Session B - Chair: Brigitta Nordström

11:00-11:30   The formation and evolution of thick disks in spiral galaxies -- the local perspective Sofia Feltzing (invited)
11:30-12:00   What do we know about the Galactic bulge? Nils Ryde (invited)
12:00-12:15   Carbon stars in local group dwarf galaxies: C & O abundances Rurik Wahlin
12:15-12:30   The Red Halo Phenomenon Erik Zackrisson
12:30-14:00   Lunch

Session C - Chair: Ulf Torkelsson

14:00-14:30   Gravitational wave astronomy: probing the extremes of physics Nils Andersson (invited)
14:30-14:45   Quasi-thermal emission in Gamma-ray bursts Felix Ryde
14:45-15:00   Mass transfer in eccentric binaries Johann Dischler
15:00-15:15   Astrophysical Lasers Sveneric Johansson
15:15-15:30   Fluorescence processes in symbiotic stars Mattias Eriksson
15:30-16:00   Coffee Break

Session D - Chair: Susanne Höfner

16:00-16:30   Moons and magnetosphere of Saturn - latest results from Cassini/Huygens Jan-Erik Wahlund (invited)
16:30-16:45   Restoration of seeing-degraded solar images Mats Löfdahl
16:45-17:00   3D hydrodynamical model stellar atmospheres of metal-poor red giants Remo Collet
17:00-17:15   Gravitational Settling in Solar-type Stars -- New Constraints Andreas Korn
17:15-17:30   Hydrodynamical Simulations of Helium Shell Flash Convection Bernd Freytag

19:00-20:00   Nordenmarkföredrag (to be held in `Siegbahnsalen'): Kvällshimlens stjärnor - lyser de för evigt? Marie Rådbo

20:00-22:00   Refreshments (for REGISTERED participants ONLY)

Saturday (Oct. 22):

Session E - Chair: Melvyn Davies

 9:00-9:30   Chemistry and star formation in active galaxies Susanne Aalto (invited)
 9:30-9:45   Lyman alpha galaxies at high- and low-redshift Matthew Hayes
 9:45-10:00   The Dynamics of Blue Compact Galaxies: Gas and Stars Thomas Marquart
10:00-10:15   Progress in searches for primordial resonant lines using the Odin satellite Carina Persson
10:15-10:30   Removing noise from astronomical data: a wavelet code for the Swedish community Alessandro Romeo
10:30-11:00   Coffee Break

Session F - Chair: Hans Rickman

11:00-11:30   Populärastronomiska stilideal under tidigt svenskt 1900-tal Johan Kärnfelt (invited)

11:30-13:00   Current and future resources for Swedish astronomy:
Discussion around five topics to be introduced by short talks as follows:
  • Claes Fransson (ESO + VR/KFI)
  • Lennart Nordh (ESA, Odin, etc.)
  • Johannes Andersen (NOT)
  • Lars-Åke Nyman (APEX)
  • Hans Olofsson (Onsala)

13:00-13:05   Closing ----