PhD/Master course,  15 hsp


Start: Tuesday, January 13th, 2015 at 10:15



Teachers: Nikolai Piskunov & Bernd Freytag,  Dept. of Physics and Astronomy






Goals: The course is about understanding all aspects of modelling complex dynamic media where a significant fraction of energy is transported by radiation. This is often the case in typical astrophysical environments such as stars, stellar winds, circumstellar medium etc. Besides physical processes involved students will also learn about approriate approximations and numerical methods, understand the advantages and limitations of different techniques and obtain hands-on experience in using advanced computer codes on state-of-the-art computers.



Structure: The course consists of 2 parts: radiative transfer and hydrodynamics. Each part will include lectures and a small number of not-too-simple exercises and each part will be grade separatly. It is possible (although not encouraged) to take one part and skip the other.



Grading: In order to complete the course students would have to attend most of the lectures, do the home work and successfully complete the exercises. This will result in 15 points for the whole course. Each part is worth 7.5 points



Schedule: We hope to finish all the lectures before April 2015. The initial part that includes background material, refreshing of the relevant math and numerical methods and it will be very intense: 2 lectures per week in Oseenska rummet (Å73121) .


RADIATIVE TRANSFER (Lecture notes and exercises)


Lecture 1 (Tuesday, January 13th, 10:15) Total Recall. Radiation and Math, Part 1  (home work #1)

Lecture 2 (Thursday, January 15th, 10:15) Total Recall. Math, Part 2  (home work #2)

Lecture 3 (Tuesday, January 27th, 10:15) Microphysics of the radiative transfer

Lecture 4 (Friday, January 30th, 10:15) Intensity, chemistry and opacity  (home work #3). Unusual day and time!!!

Lecture 5 (Monday, February 2nd, 10:15) Formal solvers of the RT equation  (home work #4 can be found here)

Lecture 6 (Friday, February 6th, 10:15) Microphysics and NLTE

Lecture 7 (Friday, February 13th, 10:15) Time-dependent Radiative Transfer in multi-dimensions

Lecture 8 (Tuesday, February 17th, 14:15, outside my office) Special cases: polarized radiative transfer and ray tracing with Monte Carlo


NUMERICAL HYDRODYNAMICS (Lecture Notes and Exercises for 2015)


NUMERICAL HYDRODYNAMICS (Lecture Notes and Exercises from 2012)



NUMERICAL HYDRODYNAMICS (Lecture Notes and Exercises from 2007)